The Hijacking

This is a confession!  Yep, I hijacked a natural consequence.  It’s reported that confession is good for the soul.  Just maybe it will be good for someone else also.  In 1982, my oldest son was in the third grade.  He returned home from school one day and announced that he had a project due the … Continue reading


Becky Bailey uses the word brilliance a lot.  Sometimes people can over use a word but I have to give it to Becky on this word.  Brilliance just can’t be overused and isn’t that just brilliant? Well Becky has written a new book and might I just say it?  Brilliance radiates from every page.   She has … Continue reading

South Carolina First Steps

I’m heading to Union County in South Carolina today.  Union County First Steps has asked me to come and introduce them to Conscious Discipline®.  It’s a great opportunity but I’m wondering if the residents of South Carolina know about First Steps.  Here is what I copied from their website.  I think that it is worth … Continue reading

“I Got a Feeling”

Tomorrow is a big day and “I’ve got a feeling.”  I’ll be presenting a one day workshop to Roper Learning Center (RLC).  RLC  is the employers child care center for Roper St. Francis Hospital in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.  This one day training will kick off the beginning of a seven month journey of studying the … Continue reading

I’m Moving!

I’m moving!  Just the mention of this phrase can make some people break out in a cold sweat with anxiety.  Not me!  It’s an adventure and an opportunity.  Bring it on.  I flew to San Francisco to visit my son and daughter in law over the Christmas break.  I treated myself to a book that I’ve been wanting … Continue reading


Cool was the “word” that was popular when I was growing up.  I know that I am dating myself but it’s the truth.  Well I think that “really?” is the word of the day.  The inflection in your voice is imperative.  So here I go. . . .  Really? I’m at Starbuck’s yesterday waiting to … Continue reading

Avoid Holiday Meltdowns

This holiday season I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with many parents and lend advice. The following is an article that is featured in this month’s edition of The holidays are a hectic time of year. Parents scurry around town buying gifts, prepping the house for guests and are in a constant state of … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Eve

It’s the eve of Thanksgiving and the house is quiet and the kitchen is dark. It’s the year that both of my sons have other commitments and my niece and her family are unable to travel. That’s what happens when they grow up. As Thanksgiving approached I kept telling myself that I was grateful that … Continue reading

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This past November 11, 2010, was my mom’s 97th birthday.  That is not a typo.  She really turned 97 years old.  As a child, I don’t remember ever celebrating her birthday, ever!  We were not allowed to ask her age and she was highly insulted when anyone would ask her age.  I forgot to mention … Continue reading

Love or Fear ?

Do you ever wonder why you do certain things, like why do you reward yourself with a piece of cake or a new pair of shoes for being a responsible citizen?  Why did I just eat two pieces of chocolate cake for just making a good grade?  Well, today I got a glimpse of where … Continue reading