South Carolina First Steps

I’m heading to Union County in South Carolina today.  Union County First Steps has asked me to come and introduce them to Conscious Discipline®.  It’s a great opportunity but I’m wondering if the residents of South Carolina know about First Steps.  Here is what I copied from their website.  I think that it is worth knowing.  I believe that all the children in South Carolina will benefit.  It is a worthy investment for our state and country. 

After the alarming realization that one in seven children in South Carolina is not ready for first grade, the General Assembly created S.C. First Steps to School Readiness in 1999. Currently, First Steps is the state’s only entity focused exclusively on increasing school readiness outcomes for all children ages 0 to 5.  Since inception, First Steps has helped more than 500,000 young children prepare for school though programs that strengthen families, improve children’s health and well-being, increase the quality of child care and early education opportunities, and help transition rising  kindergarteners into school. 

I’ll be training in Union on Saturday, February 19 and March 5.   Join me in wishing the adults in Union County that work on behalf of young children and their families well.  We are all in this together.    Here is the website. 

I have a feeling!