Six Days

Conscious Discipline® Advanced Institute

I spent 6 days at the Advanced Institute last week.  Yes six days from
8:30 AM-9:00 PM each day.  It’s intense, rigorous; the vortex.

Each year an exclusive group of practitioners gather to dig deeper into the structures, skills and powers of Conscious Discipline with Dr. Bailey. This immersive, high-engagement experience is only available to Conscious Discipline practitioners who have demonstrated a mid- to senior-level knowledge of implementation.

It’s my third time to attend, my second time as a helper.  It’s intense, rigorous.  Oh I’ve said that already.

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words so here goes with the pictures.

My Table Family

Table 6 Rocks
We arrived not knowing each other and left as a family!

Conscious Discipline®

Jessica and Dr. Bailey
Understanding brain states!
Jessica and Dr. Bailey
Understanding brain states in ourselves and children.
Jessica and Dr. Bailey
Playing with Dr. Bailey
Jessica running through the tunnel of encouragement.
What a thrill to run through the human tunnel.
On top of pole
At the top of the pole.
Jessica on Top of pole
Getting centered
Taking a leap of faith!
Keep your eye on the ball.
Calling on everything in me to get on top of that pole.
Getting to the top
Dr. Bailey sharing wisdom.
I touched that ball.
What a thrill!
I did it!
I really did it.
Becky Hugging
The victory! The hug!

Ending ceremony

Our ending ceremony committing to keep the light shining.
Jessica and candle
Jessica expressing appreciation for Dr. Bailey’s inspiring work.

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