My Heart Is Full of Gratitude For Bill McSpedden

Yesterday I noticed that a High School friend had posted a photo of her father in uniform from World War II.  

Sgt Bill McSpedden

My family moved to Greenville, Kentucky.  I was 9 years old when my father was transferred with the Tennessee Valley Authority.  I spent the next nine years of my life living a wonderful magical life in that sweet small town.  But yesterday made me wonder what had I missed.  I obviously missed that Mr. McSpedden had served his country. I wanted to know more so I sent my friend, Helen, a message asking if she would be willing to share some of her father’s story.  

It’s easy for me to conjure up images of Arlington Cemetery and the flags on each marker.  It’s easy for me to pause and give thanks to all the women and men that have served their country, my country.  But today I want to thank someone specifically.  Someone who looked over me as I was growing up.  Someone who kept me safe as I was growing up.  Someone who kept Greenville, Kentucky safe. So thank you Bill McSpedden for fighting for my freedom. 

Here’s what his daughter, Helen wrote from her heart.  

Memorial Day is very special to me.

I believe Veterans are heroes and deserve our highest praise. My dad, Bill McSpedden, was a member of The Greatest Generation and served in The 8th Army Air Force. He was stationed in London, England. My thoughts of Dad during this time deal with matters of the heart.

My dad always made friends where ever he went, so I know he made a positive impact on others. He was even offered ownership of a business in England, if he wanted it, after the war was over. Dad wanted to return to his home in Nashville, TN. Dad’s life was forever changed when he was in London, he found the love of his life, my mom. After he met mom, he told his friend in the truck, “I just met the girl I’m going to marry.” When he saw this beautiful, redhead with eyes of blue, his heart melted. She was working as a telephone operator and Dad was there to pick up something and received a call. He had to go in my office to use the telephone. She said “Bill filled the office.” He was tall, dark and handsome. After he left, the girls in the office told her, the Yank had been asking questions about her. Is she married, ect. Love found a way, I am happy to say. Mother’s parents lived on a lovely street and all the neighbors loved it when Dad visited mom at her parent’s house. They married in London, England. That’s why I love England so much and collect everything from The Beatles to English china. My parents built a home in Greenville, Ky. They raised 3 daughters and all of us grew up in that house. I still love to walk in that house, my forever home. Sgt. Bill McSpedden and Edna Woodley are my heroes of World War II. Mother leaving her home country to follow her heart was an act of bravery. That is just a small part of their story, their special love story. Memorial Day, I thank God for protecting Daddy and for giving him this gift of love. God Bless America and thank you to all those who have served and are serving this great nation of ours.

Sgt. Bill McSpedden and Edna Woodley
The Happy Couple!


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